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Touring Sander Architects's Glass Townhouses in Venice

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A few weekends ago, we hit six of the nine houses on the Venice Modern Home Tour. We've made some notes on decor (Aniston! Turtles! Corbu!), so now on to the architecture.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The Glass Townhouses, designed by Sander Architects are two three-story houses "divided vertically with no common walls" that sit on a corner lot near the canals. They get their name from the translucent panel and glass skin that lets massive amounts of sunlights into the living areas. Both units have three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, balconies, bamboo floors, and covered parking for two cars. And they're both up for sale--one is going for $1.079 million; the other for $1.059 million.
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