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ConstructionWatching the LB Courthouse, Tiny But Expensive Rentals Do Well in Santa Monica

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LONG BEACH: The new Long Beach courthouse is coming along nicely, judging by this construction photo from the Curbed LA flickr pool. The city is replacing its dangerous old courthouse with an L-shape design by AECOM. Plans call for 31 courtrooms, a courtyard, and an outdoor area off the jury assembly room, which sounds mighty pleasant for a jury duty experience. [flickr]

SANTA MONICA: Santa Monicans are really taking to tiny, income-restricted apartments, apparently. Developer NMS Properties tells the LA Business Journal that 50 of the 97 apartments in the first half of its Luxe@Broadway project (the Quonset hut-hugger) are already rented, with the second tower still under construction. Units in the building range from 350 to 440 square feet and cost from $1,495 to $1,708. And somehow, even at about $4 per square foot, they're income restricted (they can't rent "to individuals who earn more than about $59,000 annually or couples who earn more than about $68,000"). Building two should be finished in the fall. [LABJ, sub. req.]


829 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA