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Long Beach Soriano Design Asking $699k in First Ever Sale

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Raphael Soriano sure could design a bank of windows. These fine specimens belong to his Kimpson/Nixon House in Long Beach's Alamitos Heights; the house is just hitting the market now for the first time since it was built in 1940. An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles describes the house: "Soriano as an advocate of the purist International Style of the 1930s. Boxy volumes are articulated by horizontal bands of windows on both floors. A beautiful house strongly influenced by Richard Neutra." According to the listing (and some fun photos--last in the set), Soriano oversaw the construction of the house himself. The house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a 400 square foot roofdeck, built-ins, custom and period light fixtures, and a backyard big enough for a pool. The house is a Long Beach city landmark and is asking $699,000, which seems like a steal for a Soriano in good condition.
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Kimpson/Nixon House

380 Orlena Ave. , Long Beach,