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Alhambra Crash Pad Pool Has Zipline, Waterslide, 14' Screen

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A tipster forwarded us this Airbnb listing with the comment that its pool alone was "justification for jihad." Now, we certainly wouldn't go that far--we'll just say this looks like one of the most flagrant examples of Peter Pan syndrome we've ever seen. Either that, or the bait for a Hostel-style trap that lures frat boys to their doom for the amusement of some diabolical cabal. According to the listing, the home is owned by a former attorney, who explains in his bio, "For the past 8 years, I have had a great time and made a lot of great friends by renting out the spare bedrooms in my 5-bedroom house. This arrangement gave me a crazy incentive to add as many cool toys to my house as possible, since the more toys I bought for the house, the more rent I got, and the toys all paid for themselves. As you can see, the toys in the house have gotten progressively more ridiculous over these past 8 years."

Each and every toy is exhaustively cataloged, such as the "$160,000 pool/spa/oasis in the backyard" that has "a cave waterfall grotto, a zipline, a 14-foot HD theater screen, a second large rock waterfall, a beach entry with a beach fire pit (see picture), water basketball court, a raised spa with infinity edge, lighted laminar jet shooting into the basketball hoop, four deck jets, a sweet water slide, an endless pool swimming treadmill, outdoor sound system with an underwater speaker so you can hear your music under the water as well, two flat screen HDTVs by the spa (in addition to the theater screen), a BBQ island with a fridge full of beverages and marshmallows for the fire pit, a waterproof keyboard and mouse to use the computer in the spa, three gas tiki torches, a full remote control automation system (warm up the spa by remote with your iPhone), a box full of every pool toy I could think of, and much more."
ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? If not, there's also a [deep breath] "pool table, ping pong table, shuffleboard, arcade video games, electronic darts, Hulk hands, bocce balls, a croquet set, a guitar, footballs and cones (which we use to set up touch football games at the nearby park), Bop It, Bop It Extreme, tennis balls and four racquets (which we use to play tennis at the nice courts at the park across the street), a sweet set of poker chips that we use for poker nights, an impact massager, horseshoes, claw game, R/C airplane and car, even a friggin pogo stick."

The room up for grabs is the owner's own master bedroom, which comes "fully furnished with a dresser, desk, sweet adjustible massaging bed, nightstand, and ottoman, a 37" flatscreen HDTV with a DVR satellite receiver, and a bottled water dispenser." There's also a stand-up tanning bed, obviously. How much to share this real life Pleasure Island? $400 per week, or $1,500 per month.
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