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See Downtown's Expo Line/Blue Line Junction in Action

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As many are aware, the Expo Line has yet to open but rumors abound that we're only weeks away from passenger trains traveling to the Westside for the first time in half a century. The Expo Line shares two stations and track with the Long Beach-bound Blue Line--the junction at Washington and Flower where the trains meet in Downtown has proven a sticky wicket. In this video from Expo Line follower Dwight Sturtevant, which he posted on Expo's Facebook page, you can see the complications of northbound and southbound Expo and Blue Line trains all meeting up every few minutes--the southbound Blue Line trains turn left onto Washington, westbound Expo trains continue south/southwest to USC (and vice versa for northbound trains). There are also cars, bikes, and all kinds of wacky LA characters. The video is a half hour, but at least a few minutes are worth your time.

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