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Hollywooder Lobbies For Sunset Blvd. Guitar Center Crosswalk

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There are no crosswalks anywhere on Sunset Blvd. between Gardner and Poinsettia (about four blocks), and if you've ever been through the area, you've seen pedestrians doing the Guitar Center Scramble across the street. Via the peeps at LA TACO comes this video by filmmaker Adam Choit, who lives nearby and has been lobbying for some sort of crossing on that stretch of Sunset--he wrote to the LA Department of Transportation, which told him that due to budget cutbacks "we are only able to review this section of Sunset Boulevard if it has a documented pattern of traffic collisions." An analysis of police department records showed no "adverse collision problem," according to a letter from a transportation engineer, which also noted that pedestrians are more careful at unmarked crossings anyway (important sidenote: pedestrians can cross legally at any intersection, even one without a crosswalk). In this video, Choit lays out the problem (with example after example caught on tape), talks to locals and visitors who enthusiastically agree with his mission, and points out that helping pedestrians can help the local businesses.

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