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Meet the Trench Where the Giant LACMA Boulder Will Levitate

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Unless you've been living under a 340 ton rock, you know that a 340 ton rock is right now making its way, very slowly, from a quarry in Riverside to LACMA's campus on the Miracle Mile. Once it arrives, it'll be installed on top of a 456 foot long, walk-through concrete slot on the Sixth Street side of the Resnick Pavilion, where it will appear to levitate--the piece by Michael Heizer is called "Levitated Mass." With all the attention the rock is getting right now, we think it's time to meet the slot. According to press materials, the concrete channel is 19 feet wide in total, with a 15 foot wide walkway, and "As visitors walk into the slot, it gradually descends to fifteen feet in depth, running underneath the boulder into an open central chamber before ascending back up." LACMA put out a video last summer showing the interior steel structure inside the slot and explaining just a little bit about the engineering challenges. Once the rock arrives, it'll take a couple weeks to install; the area around the trench will also be re-landscaped. "Levitated Mass" is scheduled to open this spring or summer.
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