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Tell Us About Your First-Time Homebuying Experience!

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In just one week, Curbed will launch its first ever Rookie Roosts Week, dedicated to the joys and sorrows of the first-time homebuyer. We'll have guides for first-time buyers, neighborhood tips and advice, and reports from the front lines of first-time buying. And we need your help! We're looking for few things.

-- Horror stories. Short sale purgatory? Nightmare seller? Shady broker goings on? Tell us all about it and you could win a $2,500 gift card to the home store of your choice. We'll be sharing horror stories throughout Rookie Roosts week, then putting the most awful ones to a vote here on Curbed LA. The person with the worst story in LA will go on to battle winners from other Curbed city sites on Curbed National. (Standard contest rules apply.)

-- Non-horror stories. Did you have an interesting, instructive, but not horrible first-time homebuying experience? Are you going through one right now? Let us know about it!

-- Things you wish you knew when you bought your first home. Help others look a little less clueless.

And if you have first-time homebuying questions, info, or anything else you want to share during Rookie Roosts Week, feel free to send it on over. All stories and tips will be kept anonymous and can be sent to Thanks!