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More Art Space at the Brewery, Jackhammering By the Wiltern

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LINCOLN HEIGHTS: The Brewery Arts Complex has a new exhibition space called Cero Space, which will open its first show on March 31 to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Brewery Art Walk. Urban Exposure - India Ink Paintings by Mario M. Muller includes drawings of "pedestrians, commuters and destination-driven inhabitants of a contemporary metropolis." Cero is in the Brewery's Edison Electric Company No. 3 building and is an extension of the Claudia Endler Designs jewelry studio designed by Telemachus Studio architects. [Curbed Inbox]

KOREATOWN: They can get a 340 ton boulder through the intersection of Wilshire and Western with only some minor car tow-age, but they can't do a little construction without causing all kinds of trouble. A tipster wrote last week: "There's road work being done in front of the Wiltern for the next month. As a result they got rid of the left turn lanes in both directions on Wilshire but people are ignoring the new 'no turn' signs still trying to turn left. That seems to create a lot of frustration. Drivers have been honking all day. Signs say the work will take a month. Also, Wiltern management told me that work crew were jack-hammering during the Guns n Roses concert last [week] and disrupting the show. Seems like no one at DOT bothered to inform businesses or landlords. On a related note: it's nice to see that the crosswalks were finally fixed after years of disrepair and lose pavers in the street." [Curbed Inbox]