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Walgreens Opening High-End Concept Store in Sunset+Vine

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A few people have asked what's going on with the old Borders store in the Sunset+Vine complex and the answer is: it's getting a super fancy "concept" Walgreens. If this isn't evidence that Hollywood is back on its pre-recession track, we don't know what is. Yesterday, Walgreens filed plans with the city (pdf) to open a 23,509 square foot store in the space (with no expansion)--they plan to be open 24 hours a day and sell booze from 6 am to 2 am. Hollywood Patch reported last week that that's just the beginning: "Store features would include a nail salon, a beauty center with makeup artists, and sushi prepared onsite?Customers could pick up groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee, fine cheese, some meat items and higher-end alcohol. A frozen yogurt station is also in the plans." The pharmacists won't even be required to stand behind a counter. The plan was presented to the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council recently and a board member tells Patch he thinks it'll be even better than having a Borders. Interior work is already underway and the store is set to open in the fall.
· Walgreens Proposes 'High-End' Concept Store for Former Borders Location [Hollywood Patch]