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Woz Lines Up For iPad in Century City, Terry Richardson's Hollywood, Fashion Week Fun

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CENTURY CITY: This morning marked the launch of Apple's iPad 3, and first in line at the Century City store was none other than Steve Wozniak. The Apple co-founder explained that lining up for Apple releases has become "ritual" for him.

HOLLYWOOD: Terry Richardson has an LA-focused photography exhibit open now at OHWOW Gallery, and Racked stopped by to check out the fashion photog's work. "The slick finish of the 25 C-prints serve to heighten Hollywood's banal and overlooked corners. Richardson takes the neighborhood's otherwise nasty streets and glowing peep-show signage and cleans them up with polished, vivid compositions and flash-bulb precision." That being said, the show is void of Richardson's compelling portraits of people.

DOWNTOWN: We're in the midst of LA Fashion Week, and shows have been going on all over the city. Racked dropped by the Stop Staring! fall 2012 runway show on Monday to find a few celebs and lots of curve-hugging retro-inspired dresses.
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