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Santa Monica College Wants to Open $25MM Malibu Campus

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Santa Monica College looks like it's very close to inking a deal to open a new three acre, $25 million satellite campus in the Malibu Civic Center, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. SMC and Malibu officials announced today that a lease is being drawn up with the LA County Board of Supervisors for a new facility that includes classrooms, computer and science labs, an art studio, a lecture hall, an LA County Sheriff's Department substation, and a "multi-purpose room for the community." After finishing environmental documents, the goal is to open the campus--paid for with money from a 2004 bond measure--by 2014, though the SMDP thinks that's ambitious considering the red tape to plow through. The County would lease the land to SMC for 25 years for about $4.4 million, with numerous extensions available. Currently, a sad SMC "campus" operates out of Malibu's Webster Elementary School.
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