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Hipster Flippers ModOp Design Head West to Fairfax

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The flippers at ModOp Design have not stuck to the hipster flipper handbook--while they did early work in Highland Park, they quickly abandoned the Northeast LA scene for Los Feliz, and traded bungalows for condos. Now they've gone way out in left field--to Fairfax--for their latest, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom Spanish. The house comes with a wood-burning fireplace, a new kitchen, a video intercom system, a backyard, and a two-car garage. Check out before photos here, where you can see just how much magic was worked on this place. The listing (which is not yet on the MLS) says that the house has only had two prior owners since it was built in 1928. ModOp bought the place in September for $625,000, according to Redfin. Asking price now is $1.04 million.
· 751 N. Ogden Dr [Official Site]