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Best Coffee in LA, Where to Party on St. Patty's, Larchmont Cupcake Crime, Mini-GroSto for SaMo

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LOS ANGELES: Unless you're caffeine-averse, you must have noticed this city is becoming quite a coffee town (Intelligentsia, Handsome Roasters, etc.). Eater knows this--that's why they created this list of the 16 best coffee shops in the city.

LOS ANGELES: Speaking of lists, Eater has another great one on where to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (it's this Saturday!). There are the obvious places--Molly Malone's--and the not so obvious--Hyde--to get your green beer on.

LARCHMONT VILLAGE: Thieves held up Crumbs in Larchmont Village today--scary and kind of bizarre. Luckily, there was no money in the till, so the cupcake heist was kind of a bust. They did break the glass door, though.

SANTA MONICA: LGO Grocery, a small urban concept, will likely be opening in SaMo. The man behind the chain, based in Phoenix, describes it as "a Berkeley style general store with a coffee, food & pizza menu."
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