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Brad Grey Getting a Little Saner On Bel Air Frank Sinatra House

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Paramount head Brad Grey probably isn't used to giving in, but welcome to the big, bad world of high-end real estate, kiddo. Grey bought the old Frank Sinatra family house in Holmby Hills back in 2010 and pretty much only used it as a wedding venue. Soon after, Grey and new wife Cassandra Huysentruyt became keen on a different house in Bel Air and decided to abandon this house. Grey paid $18.5 million in late 2010 and listed in September 2011 for $23.5 million. He even boldly told The Hollywood Reporter that the house needed a major remodel. Now apparently reality has reentered the picture, and Grey has relisted the property for $19.995 million. The seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom house sits on 2.2 acres and "Was occupied by prior owner for approximately 50 years."
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