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Manhattan Beach Bidding War, More Venice Home Touring

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MANHATTAN BEACH: Things are getting super crazy down in Manhattan Beach, where an ordinary looking, four-bedroom house (not even close to the beach!) has received 20 offers, according to Dave Fratello of Manhattan Beach Confidential. Starting price was $1.1 million, which is already $789 per square foot, but Fratello tells us that this is pretty much about the land (about one-tenth of an acre). We'll be keeping an eye on this one. [Curbed Inbox/Manhattan Beach Confidential]

VENICE/MAR VISTA: The AIA/LA holds its Venice Vista home tour on April 1, focusing on Venice and Mar Vista, with almost zero overlap with the recent Venice Modern Home Tour. Architects showcased include Neil Denari, Santiago Ortiz, Douglas V. Pierson, Richard Seltzer, and Escher GuneWardena. The AIA's second tour of the season will be on May 6 in the Pacific Palisades and Brentwood. [Curbed Inbox]