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Wyvernwood Wins Already, Get Inside 6 Millard Sheets Buildings

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BOYLE HEIGHTS: The huge Wyvernwood redevelopment hasn't even been approved by the city yet, and already it's winning awards. A press release tells us that the Congress for the New Urbanism has given the project its Charter Award, "praising [the project] as a walkable and sustainable project in harmony with its physical and social environment." The project was designed by Torti Gallas and Partners. The New Wyvernwood is slated to have up to 4,400 houses, 300,000 square feet of retail, and acres and acres of open space. [Curbed Inbox]

CLAREMONT/POMONA: Remember Millard Sheets, the guy who designed all those fabulous mid-century Home Savings banks and the Masonic temple on Wilshire? The LA Conservancy is giving a tour of some of his work out in Claremont and Pomona this Sunday--the group will hit buildings including the former Millard Sheets Studio, the Garrison Theater at Scripps College, and several current and former bank buildings. The tour will be followed by a panel discussion at the Sheets-designed Claremont United Church of Christ. Get your tickets here. [Curbed Inbox]