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WeHo Craftsmans Landmarked as Hundredth Birthday Present

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Back around 1912, when West Hollywood was known as Sherman, two charming Craftsman homes went up at 8863 and 8863 1/2 Cynthia Street, between Larrabee and San Vicente Blvd. A century later, the now-incorporated West Hollywood has granted a Cultural Resource Designation to the single family structures, which means it'll be very hard to tear them down. So, what makes the houses special? According to a release from the city, this stretch of Cynthia features "small houses on small lots, all accessed by a common semi-public walkway." The two houses chosen for cultural designation feature "gabled-front roofs with open eaves, exterior walls clad in wooden clapboard marked by simple cornerboards, bay windows, central gabled porches that project from the main facades, and windows and doors trimmed with flared wood surrounds." The designated houses constitute some of the last pre-twenties Craftsman architecture in WeHo.
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