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Mid-Century Modern By Allen Siple in Mandeville Canyon

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Make room for yet another pedigreed mid-century modern. Now joining the market is this Mandeville Canyon residence designed by Allen Siple. Described in the book Forgotten Modern: California Houses 1940-1970 as "a handsome, charming gentleman-architect" who "played the bagpipes and sent his shoes to cobblers in England for repair," Siple also designed camouflage for US defense plants during WWII and served as supervising architect for the Trousdale Estates development. Per its listing, the three-bedroom residence was built in 1955 and features hardwood floors, wood beamed ceilings, fireplaces indoors and out, and built-in storage. The listing also mentions, rather unnecessarily, that the 1,852 square foot home's kitchen and two baths have been remodeled. Last sold in 2007 for $1.4 million, it's now asking $1.199 million.
· 3380 MANDEVILLE CANYON Rd [Redfin]