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Boulder's Turn to the Dark Side, What's the La Cienega Jam?

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HARVARD HEIGHTS: For absolutely no good reason whatsoever, here is a video of LACMA's giant "Levitated Mass" boulder set to "The Imperial March." You're welcome. Meanwhile, an actual documentary filmmaker, Doug Pray, is working on a feature doc about the rock called The Boulder. [Curbed Staff/THR]

CULVER CITY: A frustrated reader wrote in last week "to see if you guys know anything about (or have heard frustrated grumblings about) the construction that has been going on on La Cienega, both north and southbound, in the Blair Hills area. As you know this is a stretch of the road that basically turns into a freeway til it hits the 405.

"What's been going on for the last month+ is that 1-2 lanes of traffic seem to be shut down for 'road work', causing terrible jams during rush hour. Also, the lane closures seem to be happening somewhat randomly, as some days they are open and some they are closed. This problem is extremely frustrating for two different reasons. First, there is no signage saying what days/times the road will be affected. When there IS a sign, as there was this morning, it directs drivers to 'use alternate routes,' which is completely unhelpful as the sign is way past the point of no return - there is no way to exit or turn around for at least another mile. That sign also has no dates to at least clue us in to how long we should be using alternate routes.

"The second element of frustration is that for the entire month-plus that this has been happening, I have seen actual work being done ONE time. The majority of the time it adds 10-30 minutes to my (and everyone else's) commute and there is literally nobody working on site." It does seem like there are always at least a few orange cones up around here--anyone know the deal? [Curbed Staff]