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WeHo Replacing San Vicente Parking With Bike Lanes

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West Hollywood is going bike-mad, according to the newsletter of Mayor Pro Tempore (and Mayor Elect) Jeffrey Prang. Most notably, the city is moving ahead with bike lanes on 0.65 mile stretch of San Vicente Blvd., from Beverly to Santa Monica Blvd. (there's also still discussion of bike lanes on Fountain and Santa Monica Blvd.) Work starts in April or May and will include the removal of SV's onstreet parking--Prang says he voted against this measure "not because I oppose the bike lane, but I did not believe that the City had adequately informed the public about the loss of street parking." Green bicycle boxes will also be painted "to increase visibility of cyclists at intersections by placing them ahead of vehicles." Meanwhile, sharrows--bike and arrow stencils painted on roads--are coming soon to Fountain (on which they already run through Hollywood). WeHo is also currently updating bike parking requirements for new developments and incorporating bicycle rack design guidelines into the Municipal Code (a plain old pole won't do in WeHo). The city is spending $75,000 on new, ostensibly stylish bike racks throughout the city and is also retrofitting 16 storm drain grates with cross-hatched grates that won't send you and your bike flying into the sky.
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