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How to Get a Film Permit To Shut Down Bike Lanes

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The drama continues to unfold between bike advocates and film shoots over the Spring Street bike lane Downtown, according to Streetsblog. The latest hullabaloo comes as a result of an earlier post by Streetsblog about LAPD bike lane stings that revealed a film crew for the TV show Ringer blocking the bike lane without a permit. The Ringer crew told Streetsblog that getting a permit to block the bike lane is impossible--which turns out to be false. That prompted Streetsblog to provide a helpful rundown of the resources available for acquiring the necessary permits to block traffic in LA. Streetsblog even has a communiqué from LADOT Spokesman Bruce Gillman explaining the how and why of street closure permits: "DOT staff will work with the company on a proper lane closure procedure to be sure bicyclists and motorists are aware that the bicycle and/or travel lane is temporarily closed properly with signage, etc. This is not really anything new...This should only occur when the closure is necessary at the immediate location to facilitate the immediate film activity, not to close the bike lane just to provide parking for the cast and crew." There is also a pdf available online that lays out the legal processes for filming in Los Angeles. The controversy sparked when the LA Times ran an editorial claiming that the singular shade of green used for the Spring Street lane is driving film shoots away from the street because it can no longer double for "Anytown, USA."
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