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Fairfax Theater Project Moving Ahead

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The Park LaBrea News reports that the proposed demolition of the Fairfax Theater and construction of 71 apartment units and 11,500 sq. ft.of groundfloor retail in its place is moving forward through the entitlements process. "The project will be five stories from street level. A sixth story will include a small structure on top housing bathrooms and showers for the rooftop pool...The rooftop structure will not be visible from the street, according to [consultant Ira Handelman], and the building’s height, as viewed from street level, will not exceed the existing art deco spire and a billboard currently on the property. The new building would be staggered in height between 37 and 62 feet. " We last noted back in 2010, that the theater had failed to be designated as historical by the City's Cultural Heritage Commission. [Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press]