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Levitated Mass' Last Roll

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Last night/early this morning we made it to several stops along the route of Levitated Mass as it wound its way through Los Angeles on the way to LACMA. Our first stop at Vermont and Adams was celebratory as crowds gathered at the intersection around 11 PM to watch the giant boulder pass through without incident. We then raced to Wilshire and Western to await the boulder's passing several hours later. A larger crowd had gathered by about 1 AM to await the boulder's slow roll through the intersection. Overhead street lights had been twisted around and trees were being trimmed at the last minute to avoid collisions. As the boulder passed, the crowd cheered. When the boulder finally made it onto Wilshire, the giant apparatus carrying the boulder clipped the tree above us showering leaves on everyone. Then a crazy lady either tried to throw herself under or onto the boulder, but was repelled by the workers surrounding the boulder. She retreated to the curb where she sat, hands in head as people looked on stunned. She later ran off, dropping her lighter in front of us. The boulder's move stopped and we spotted County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky who was talking to someone on his old timey clam shell phone. At that point, we headed off for home. It was a magical "only-in-LA" moment that we hope everyone had a chance to experience. Viva el boulder! Or whatever.
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