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The Polka Dotted Plan For Silver Lake's New Pedestrian Plaza

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One month from now, Silver Lake will officially have a pedestrian plaza--the greening of the little triangle between Sunset, Griffith Park Blvd., and Edgecliffe Dr. in Silver Lake is a go and set to open on March 4. The project, from the group Streets For People, extends an existing grassy triangle into the surrounding streets to create the Sunset Triangle Plaza. The draft plan seen above was designed by Frank Clementi of Rios Clementi Hale Studios (they're designing Downtown's Civic Park) and includes streets painted green with polka dots, potted planters (the circles at the edges of the plaza), and nine moveable (and green) tables, chairs, and umbrellas. According to a release from Streets For People, "the twice-weekly farmer’s market will continue to operate uninterrupted, additional parking spaces will be created along Sunset Blvd to accommodate for some of those lost, and all street furniture will be brought inside each evening to maintain its quality and cleanliness." The streets will be closed to auto traffic for at least the first year under a city pilot project.

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Sunset Triangle Plaza

Griffith Park Blvd. & Edgecliffe Dr., Los Angeles, CA