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56 Bev Park Sells for $21.75MM, Making Up For Sunset Junction's Demolished Gay Bookstore

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BEVERLY PARK: Hilton & Hyland sets an early benchmark for most expensive sale of 2012--broker Chad Rogers reports on his blog that a sale just closed on 56 Beverly Park, a crazy 2005 number that was listed back in May for $25 million. It sold for $21.75 million. Rogers repped the buyer, H&H's Jeffrey Hyland repped the seller. [Curbed Inbox/Chad Rogers Blog]

SILVER LAKE: The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is considering asking developer Frost/Chaddock to make some tangible amends for surprise-demolishing a strip of shops in Sunset Junction (it plans to build apartments all over the neighborhood). The shops included A Different Light (Update: the former home of A Different Light), an early gay bookstore that locals were hoping to have designated as a landmark. A tipster sends in an agenda item requesting a community exhibition space in the new development and writes: "The following item was on a supplemental agenda for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Urban Design Commmittee, but got tabled because the partner organization rep couldn't attend. I think it deserves more public notice than this. It may appear on the next agenda."

VI. Old Business:
Sunset Junction – 4000 Sunset Bl. / site of the demolished former “Diferent Light” Book Store:

"In consideration of the willful destruction of a significant cultural resource, the former Different Light bookstore building, we ask that the 4000 Sunset project include a 1,000 square foot community exhibition space (the “Space”). The Space should be located on the ground floor level of the new building. If the transit plaza is created as planned on the current Jiffy Lube site, the Space should front on and be visible from the plaza. If the transit plaza falls through and the street configuration remains as is, the Space should front on and be visible from Santa Monica Boulevard.

We ask that the Space be made available rent free for a period of no fewer than 5 years and propose that it be operated by a non-profit organization that would partner with other organizations and groups to host various community events, exhibitions, and cultural activities that reflect the history, culture and diversity of the Silver Lake community. In many ways, the Space would rekindle the original spirit of A Different Light.

A potential non-profit sponsor for the Space is ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. ONE is the world's largest LGBT archive and is housed at USC. ONE currently creates several gallery exhibitions each year at a satellite site in West Hollywood in partnership with community stakeholders and is interested in securing such an exhibition space."
Discussion & Possible Action. [Curbed Inbox]