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Behold the Original Clifton's Facade For First Time Since 1950s

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The original facade of the Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria on Broadway was unshackled today after more than 50 years spent behind metal grates. Warning: she's looking a little rough (KCET Food was livetweeting the unveiling and noted "Definitely NOT refurbished, as some thought yesterday"). Andrew Meieran of The Edison is giving the joint a post-gentrification rehab, adding an organic salad bar and a "mixology-oriented tiki bar," according to Eater LA. Clifford Clinton bought the lease at the Brookdale Caf in 1935 (it was originally a Boos Brothers Cafeteria) and its interiors were inspired by the area around the Brookdale Lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains, according to the Clifton's website. Esotouric has photos of workers doing their thing up on the facade last night and reports from today's event that the terrazzo out front will be restored. The Clifton's revival is just one of the latest wins for Broadway, which is also getting an Ace Hotel, a Ross Dress for Less, and, one day, a streetcar.