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Party at an Entourage House, South LA Wetlands Park Opening

THE INTERNET: A new website called Eventup launched yesterday--the Wall Street Journal describes it as "the Airbnb of event space." Anyone with a venue, from the Nokia Theatre to a discount store in Vermont Knolls, can list it on the site for event rental. That means you can have your birthday party in a ridiculous house you'd never buy (even if you had the cash), like the phallic pool house of Sunset Plaza, the Entourage house in Los Feliz, or the Lloyd Wright-designed Sowden House. [Curbed Inbox]

(OLD SCHOOL) SOUTH PARK: The city is holding a grand opening tomorrow for the nine-acre South Los Angeles Wetlands Park, which was once just a boring Metro bus yard. The park "replaces an existing blighted site with greenery from a combination of native trees, shrubs, marsh plants, and a myriad of flora and fauna." Phase II of the project will include a rail museum and community space. [Curbed Inbox]

South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

5413 South Avalon Boulevard, , CA 90011 Visit Website