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The Day the Music Died on the Streets of Universal City

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A helpful LAObserved reader has tipped off the public to some street name changes in Universal City that formerly honored the ridiculously brilliant musicians Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, and Muddy Waters. Word play about about how "Crazy" the changes are and how time passes like a "Rollin' Stone" aside, here are the facts, according to LAO: "Buddy Holly Drive (really just Cahuenga Boulevard East) has become W.C. Fields Drive. Muddy Waters Dr. is now Bob Hope Ave. And Patsy Cline Dr. has been transformed into Donald* O'Connor Drive." Universal Music Group moved from Universal City to Santa Monica thirteen years ago. Meanwhile, we encourage you to take this opportunity to listen to "Crazy" and "Peggy Sue" for the millionth time in remembrance.
· Universal City deletes Buddy Holly, Muddy Waters and Patsy Cline [LA Observed]