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City Hall Grounds Getting Part-Grass, Part-Native Plants Look

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The City Council approved a new landscaping plan today for the City Hall lawn and work is expected to start this week. Parks and Recreation had considered three options for the lawn (all-turf, all-native plantings, and a mix), and after community meetings settled on the "a little from Column A, a little from Column B" approach. Plans call for new turf on the lower third of the grounds, by First Street; new native plantings around the building and by First; and decomposed granite paths around the perimeter. The North Lawn will be completely de-turfed and replanted with low water use plants. According to the LA Times, native plantings include "succulents, salvias and California holly."

Under the new setup, 51 percent of the grounds will be non-turf. The overhaul is projected to cost $390,000 with annual upkeep of $135,000 (an increase of about $50k per year).

The city decided to overhaul the all-turf lawn after it was damaged by the Occupy LA encampment, although the LAT now reports that "Parks officials said they were already considering making the park more sustainable when Occupy protesters set up hundreds of tents on the lawn last October."
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