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A Look Inside the Wilshire Blvd. Masonic Temple, Pugh Designing Inglewood's Crenshaw Line Stations

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MID-WILSHIRE: A tipster sends in these interior shots of the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, which had been for sale but appears not to be for sale anymore (we still don't know what's up--anyone?). The temple was designed by Millard Sheets, who's known for his many lovely mid-century banks. One more shot after the jump. [Curbed Inbox]

INGLEWOOD: The Crenshaw Line is barreling right along and today Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio announced they'll be providing the urban design for the Inglewood stations: "GP-US is actively submitting urban design concepts for each of the stations that pass through the City of Inglewood, and will additionally provide plans that outline station design, desired land use, density, building height, massing, open space, parking, and circulation." They're also "Committed to creating a largely accessible landmark station that is successfully integrated into the existing fabric of the surrounding community." [Curbed Inbox]