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Councilman Wants to Kill Spot Zoning in Southeast Long Beach

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The zoning fallout from the somewhat surprising failure of the second+pch megadevelopment in Long Beach in December marches on. At the Long Beach city council meeting tomorrow, Councilmember Patrick O'Donnell will present legislation to speed along the updating of the Southeast Area Development Improvement Plan, the zoning code for the area that includes the now-dead second+pch. The legislation would "set clear new parameters about the type of development that is allowed there and prevent exceptions, or spot zoning" and make it difficult (but not illegal) to approve any new or pending requests for amendments to SEADIP, like the ones made by the the failed $320 million project back in December, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram. The new legislation would preclude any attempt to revive second+pch, even without the 12 story residential component that inspired the most resistance to the plan--that idea has already been bandied about by Councilmember Gary DeLong, who represents the project area.

The future of the site and the new legislation are causing a stir between DeLong and O'Donell (so don’t expect hugs and high fives at tomorrow council meeting). DeLong tells the LBPT that he "was surprised and disappointed" when he heard about DeLong's new legislation, going on to add, "I'm sure we could have worked together, because I think at the end of the day we want the same thing, to move forward and revise SEADIP."

The council asked for a revision of the SEADIP immediately after it rejected second+pch on December 20. O'Donnell's proposal would allow developer Lyon Communities to loan the money for the study's "up to $1 million" pricetag--the city or local stakeholders would eventually pay them back. The Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust, which fought second+pch, has also said it would like to help.
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