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New Kanner House in the Palisades, Clifton's Gets Unshackled

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PACIFIC PALISADES: Kanner Architects sends along construction shots and renderings of their latest project, a 5,500 square foot single-family house in Pacific Palisades that's set to be finished this spring. According to a release, in order to fit the house into the previous house's footprint, "the 4-bedroom house was buried partially below grade with the first and second floors appearing as separate stacked volumes. The design incorporates stone cladding on the lower floor, creating the appearance of a sturdy plinth, which supports a more delicately sculpted upper floor." [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: On Wednesday morning, the old Clifton's facade on Broadway will finally get to breathe free after years behind metal grates. The braces come off as the restaurant prepares for a big hipster rehab, courtesy the guy behind the Edison. [Curbed Inbox]