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Cinegrill Sign Work, Masonic Temple No Longer For Sale?

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HOLLYWOOD: Something (probably a rehab) is afoot at the Cinegrill sign on the Roosevelt Hotel. A tipster takes this photo and writes: "Looks like they're taking it down to the metal." [Curbed Inbox]

MID-WILSHIRE: What's up with the imposing/cool Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire Blvd.? An emailer asks: "any idea what is going on with the masonic temple on Wilshire near the Wilshire Ebell? There was a for sale sign on it forever but now it's gone. would love to see what's inside." Wouldn't we all. The inactive Loopnet listing says the building has "a 2,000 seat live stage theater with mezzanine, various, meeting rooms, and offices, a large ballroom on the top floor, three elevators, and one service elevator." It was designed by Millard Sheets, who designed the Home Savings bank buildings (now mostly Chases). According to the LA Business Journal, the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association put the building up for sale in late 2010 asking $13.5 million. [Curbed Inbox]