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LA County Working On Preserving Unincorporated Architecture

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County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas's website has launched a new page to celebrate the "Architectural sites that define our community." The page highlights ten architectural highlights in Ridley-Thomas's second district, including the Exposition Park Rose Garden, Watts Towers, Randy's and Dale's Donuts, and the Angelus Funeral Home. Each building's page includes an audio overview of the site and a vote to find out what people think of the building. There is, or course, a policy angle--the new pages are set up as an initial effort to develop a county preservation ordinance: "On February 14th the Board of Supervisors approved a motion sponsored by Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Michael D. Antonovich, directing the Regional Planning Department to develop historic preservation strategies for the unincorporated areas of the County. The department will deliver its findings to the Board this summer, and the supervisors will be poised to take a critical step toward safeguarding the county's rich design." (Preservation has been an issue in unincorporated parts of the county like Michilinda Park, which has historic Craftsman houses like its neighbor Pasadena, but not Pasadena's protections.)

Our favorite of the votes are for the donut shops, which allows three response "1) Giant donuts make this architecture, 2) Giant donuts are not architecture, and 3) I want to eat a giant donut." Residents are also encouraged to submit their own photos, even if their favorite architectural examples do not fall within the boundaries of the second supervisorial district.

MRT's office loves an online crowdsource--in December, the office launched an online survey that allowed the public to vote on a preferred configuration of Slauson Avenue near Overhill Drive.
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