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Touring Glen Irani's First Hover House on the Venice Canals

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Last weekend, we hit six of the nine houses on the Venice Modern Home Tour. We've already made some notes on decor (Aniston! Turtles! Corbu!), so now on to the architecture.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

On Monday, we saw Glen Irani Architects's Hover House 3--today we meet the house that started all the hovering. The first Hover House sits on a 30 foot by 95 foot lot and was designed for Irani's own family (you can see him in the first photo here), with both architecture and art studios, plus room for a family of four and their occasional guests. According to the tour's site, "The only way to fit the pool on the tiny site was to 'hover' the building over it. From that necessity was born the Hover House series which continues in various configurations throughout Los Angeles to realize more outdoor living space on small lots."
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