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Echo Park Arch of All Sizes, Work Starts on KTown Pre-School

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ECHO PARK: The lovable design nerds at Design East of La Brea are putting on a Goldilocks-style walking tour of four Echo Park houses: small, medium, large, and XL (we're told the size aspect actually refers to the Rem Koolhaas book). You may recognize some of the houses, like Simon Storey's tall and slender Eel's Nest (the 960 square foot house is the tour's "medium"). The event is Saturday, March 24 at noon; directions will be sent via email. Tickets are on sale now--click here to purchase and for more info. [Curbed Inbox]

KOREATOWN: Last Thursday, ground broke for the new St. James Pre-School on St. Andrews, just north of Wilshire. The new facility is being built on a surface parking lot and will replace the former school next door when it opens in September. "It will comprise landscaped grounds, four classrooms, library, art activities room, teacher’s lounge, multi-purpose room, Director’s Office, and a capacity for 60 pre-school students," according to a press release. They even had little kids in hardhats at the groundbeaking. [Curbed Inbox]

Eel's Nest

1416 Fairbanks Pl., Los Angeles, CA