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A New Hills House From the Skateable House's Architect

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Michael Wells

Updated 2/29: There's a new house in the Hollywood Hills and it's no slouch in the design department. The new house is the work of architect Francois Perrin--he of the infamous skateable house in Malibu-- who collaborated with designer/builder Yves Lefay to create a 3,000 square foot house on a well situated 9,000 square foot lot somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. It features receding tiers that nestle the house perfectly into the slope of the surrounding hillside; the effect of the sloped façade, plus reflective glass, reduces the visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood to virtually nil--all with enough space for the obligatory infinity pool. The house's north-south orientation "offers a panoramic view of the LA basin while being naturally protected from the sun in the warm afternoons." Update: Curbed LA has covered this house before, with a link to Redfin.
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