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How Echo Park Rents Compare to Silver Lake, Highland Park

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Developer/broker/blogger Moses Kagan has crunched the rent numbers on definitely-thoroughly-gentrified Silver Lake and on fresh-faced-up-and-comer Highland Park--he found that two-bedrooms in HP are going for half what they are in SL. So where does pretty-gentrified-but-not-yet-into-double-stroller-territory Echo Park fall? Pretty much right where you'd think it would (duh), although a bit high, probably because of the low sample size--just 24 (Katan took out the area south of the 101 because its "very different demographics and rental rates"). Here are the current stats:

-- Median rent for the five studios in the survey (all with one bathroom) was $1,050. (Silver Lake = $980; Highland Park = $800.)

-- Median rent for the 11 one-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $1,150. (Silver Lake = $1,400; Highland Park = $925.)

-- Median rent for the four two-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $2,347.50. (Silver Lake = $2,195; Highland Park = $1,100.)

-- There was one two-bedroom/two-bathroom asking $2,200. (Silver Lake = $2,445; Highland Park = $1,150.)

-- One three-bedroom/two-bathroom asking $2,395.

-- One three-bedroom/one and a half-bathroom asking $1,950.

-- One four-bedroom/two-bathroom asking $2,400.
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