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Fancy Anaheim Transit Hub Could Start Work This Fall

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Fresh news from Orange County regarding the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center--last week the Orange County Regional Transportation Authority "received a Finding of No Significant Impact from the Federal Transportation Authority for its Environmental Assessment on the project," reports OC Metro. The federal action satisfies both the federal and state environmental approvals. ARTIC will serve as a hub for OCTA bus, Anaheim Resort Transit, airport flyaway shuttles, taxis, and tour and charter buses. Depending on some seriously up in the air funding and political situations, the ARTIC will also accommodate future plans for the Anaheim Rapid Connection and California High Speed Rail. Final plans for the project are expected this spring, right around the time it goes to bid. If all continues according to plan, the project will break ground in fall of this year and be finished in fall 2014.

In October, the project was awarded $7.5 million in federal funds to put toward its $184 million pricetag ($143.1 million of which will come from OCTA).

Meanwhile, the ARTIC website features an updated-looking version of the HOK design that received a lukewarm reception from LA Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne back in 2009.
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