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Vacant Valley Condos Go Rental, Ancient 10 Freeway Signals

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STUDIO CITY/SHERMAN OAKS: Two small, never-occupied condo buildings in the Valley have sold, and new owner Raintree Partners is planning on turning them rental (at least for now). Vista Paradiso, on Laurelwood Drive, was built last year and has 24 two- and three-bedrooms; in a press release, Raintree Director of Acquisitions Aaron Hancock calls them "one of the few high-end condo properties available for rent south of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City." Villa Sofia, on Woodman Ave., was also built last year and has 39 two- and three-bedrooms. No word on what rents will look like. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: As the new ExpressLanes congestion pricing system is slowly being put in place on the 110 and 10 Freeways, a reader wonders about the remains of an old plan for the 10: "Your blurb on the I-110 express lanes got me wondering again about something that I have never gotten an answer to: whatever happened to the signalized system that was installed on the Santa Monica Fwy between downtown and the 405, but never activated? The signals are there, the signs are there but covered over. That was easily 15 years ago." [Curbed Inbox]