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Another New Wall at Sunset Junction, LACMA Boulder Set to Roll

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SILVER LAKE: What's this, another new wall at Sunset Junction? A tipster sends in these photos taken Saturday of what appears to be more cinderblockage, this time at the eastern end of the big red building, by Intelligentsia. A wall at the western end (at Sanborn) went up last month (it'll enclose Cafe Stella's new patio) and inspired complaints from locals. This one looks much smaller and like it might not even be enclosing anything at all. We have an email into Cafe Stella/red building owner Gareth Kantner but haven't heard back yet. [Curbed Inbox]

RIVERSIDE: The press release has gone out, so cross your fingers this is final: LACMA's giant boulder is set to embark on its long-awaited journey from Riverside to the Miracle Mile tomorrow, February 28. The 340 ton boulder has been waiting at a quarry for years; it'll eventually end up as part of Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass" installation (it'll appear to be hovering over a giant walk-in trench). The rock will travel 105 miles in a special transporter and go through 22 cities in four counties over about 11 days. Godspeed, boulder. [Curbed Inbox]

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