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West LA Ramping Up Opposition to SaMo's Bergamot Project

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The Bergamot Transit Village project, planned for the Papermate factory site at Stewart and Olympic in Santa Monica, is still finding it hard to make friends. Locals and council folk demanded the project be shrunk last year--it currently stands at about 766,000 square feet of arts space, retail, and residential units spread among five buildings varying from five to seven stories tall--and the pitchforks are still out due to traffic fears (what else?). Now West LA is getting in on the game--the West LA Neighborhood Council's 15-member board voted unanimously last week to oppose the project, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. Council Chairman Jay Handel has some strong words for his neighbor: "I think everyone is sick and tired of Santa Monica dumping traffic in our district with no mitigations possible. The agenda is to build and grow, which is fine if it's done in a responsible way." The density is allowed because the Village will sit next to an Expo Line station in 2015 or '16 and also feature bike facilities. Nevertheless, City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl is also concerned and many Village opponents hope the other 12 Westside neighborhood councils will also oppose the project. Adding more affordable housing could possibly cut down on the traffic and mitigate the hate, but the dissolution of redevelopment agencies makes that complicated.
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Bergamot Transit Village

Olympic Blvd. & 26th St., Santa Monica, CA