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The Final City Council District Map Recommendations and How They're Different From the Current Ones

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The LA Redistricting Commission has released its final City Council district map recommendation and--who could have seen this coming--just about everyone is finding something to bitch about (the map passed the commission last week 16-5 after an eight hour meeting "that ended minutes before midnight," according to the LA Times). The Commission still couldn't manage to fit all of Koreatown into just one district, it placed Watts back in CD15 (an earlier map had it with CD9, which stretches up toward Downtown), CD9 still loses just about all of its Downtown territory (excepting South Park), and CD11 now retains most of Westchester (an earlier map took the neighborhood out while leaving LAX in). The Commission has now released very handy maps showing what land districts lost (in red) and what they gained (in green). As you can see, CD4 (currently Tom LaBonge's district) and CD2 (currently Paul Krekorian's) got some of the biggest shakeups. The City Council will vote on the new map sometime next month and you can probably count on that debate to get entertaining.
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