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ExpressLanes Signs Go Up on the 110, YouTube to Playa Vista, Golden Age of Hollywood Map

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ARTESIA: The Source reports that the first signs for the 110 ExpressLanes project, which will "allow single motorists to pay a toll to use the carpool lanes on the 110 freeway when there's extra capacity," have been installed near the Artesia Transit Center. Some of the info on the sign has been covered to avoid confusion until this particular express lane opens in the fall. [The Source]

PLAYA VISTA: The Ratkovich Company has announced that it's signed the first two tenants at its renovated Hercules Campus at Playa Vista (where former owner Hughes Aircraft built the Spruce Goose). Drum roll please..the tenants will be YouTube and Earthbound Media Group. The Google-owned YouTube will move into about 40,000 square feet space building 17, while marketing agency Earthbound will "occupy all of building three, a former helicopter hangar and the site that housed the cockpit for the Spruce Goose totaling 15,000 square feet." The buildings are still undergoing renovations, so the new tenants have an expected move in date of this summer. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: the Big Map Blog is back with another great map of the LA of yore--this time it's a 1937 map of the Hollywood stars' haunts. The map reads like a cultural artifact more than anything, but the caricatures of Hollywood's most famous faces mixed in with the buildings that anchored all the glitz and glamour of the era is definitely fun. [Big Map Blog]