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All-Disclosure Sherman Oaks Listing Makes 13 Disclosures

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This house in Sherman Oaks has been on the market since November 2010, has gone "sale pending" twice, and is clearly getting fed up with the whole game. The listing now lays out every potential problem (and nothing else) on the table. We count 13 disclosures, but some of these could probably count as more than one. Behold, it's kind of impressive:

The house has major foundation issues with mold. No warranties are giving. Buyer to hire a general contractor and mold company. There are cracks in the foundation with 3 to 4 inches off the back of the house. No termite report or termite completion. The retaining wall has major issues with water running into the back of the house. Part of the house in not in liable condition. Buyer to be aware of dog in backyard. Please be aware there is freeway noise. The seller holds a valid CA Real Estate. Their was additional structural damaged found after buyer inspection. The pool does not work or in operating condition. A lot of draining issues with leaking roof. If you are LOOKING FOR A HOUSE WITH MAJOR DAMAGE YOU FOUND IT. The retaining wall is worse condition then expected. Somehow this appears to have worked--the house is currently going for sale attempt number three. Asking price is $602,000. It last sold in 2006 for $1.37 million.
· 3637 MEADVILLE Dr [Redfin]