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Did the Gold Line Extension Just Clear Its Last Hurdle?

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The construction authority building the Gold Line Foothill Extension from Pasadena to Azusa just closed a huge land-swap deal that had previously been potentially complicated by the dissolution of all of California's redevelopment agencies. Monrovia Patch reports that the GLCA has come to terms with the city of Monrovia to purchase 14 acres of land--needed for a train maintenance facility--for $40.5 million. The two entities also agreed on a parking facility for the Monrovia station, and the GLCA agreed to provide $15.75 million "to build public improvements to city intersections, roads, and other infrastructure near the future Gold Line maintenance yard." Monrovia, however, will fork over $650,000 to the GLCA for environmental cleanup needed at the maintenance yard site, as well as $200K for costs the Authority incurred fighting landowner George Brokate in court. Just a few weeks ago, the GLCA settled with Brokate for $24 million to buy land he owned at the proposed maintenance yard. With the Monrovia and Brokate deals just about done (a judge will still need to approve the Monrovia agreement), the GLCA is about to own 100 percent of the land needed for the yard and appears (we stress appears) to be out of the litigious woods and ready for full-on construction.
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