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Pitfire Pizza on Fairfax, Little Osaka's American Offerings, Highland Park Kitchen Opens, Gold Leaving Weekly

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FAIRFAX: Oh, 801 N. Fairfax, you continue to bestow lovely offerings. The small chain Pitfire Pizza will soon fill an empty storefront at Fairfax and Waring, Eater reports.

LITTLE OSAKA: Plan Check, a handsome American bistro, opened yesterday at the end of Sawtelle's little restaurant row. So, what did the rambunctious crowds dine on besides the burgers? Something called ketchup leather.

HIGHLAND PARK: Eater sees the opening of Highland Park Kitchen on York as further evidence of the neighborhood going bougie. The comfortable tapas restaurant has already soft-opened, but a party is planned for the twenty-ninth (leap year!) with free food.

LOS ANGELES: In case you haven't heard the biggest news of the week, Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Gold is decamping from the LA Weekly for the LA Times! Scandal! The stories appear to be confirmed now, and word is that current LAT critic S. Irene Virbila will stay on.
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