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Sneak Peek: East Cahuenga Pedestrian Alley Opens Tomorrow

HOLLYWOOD: The East Cahuenga Pedestrian Alley, in the works since 2008, finally throws open its gate tomorrow. The little pedestrian zone, nicknamed EaCa Alley (and you know we love a silly abbreviation), sits on the north side of Selma Ave., between Cahuenga Blvd. and Cosmo St., and will provide "a safe and environmentally-friendly pedestrian thoroughfare where pedestrians can stroll, relax, and enjoy outdoor dining and patio space." City Councilmember Eric Garcetti introduced the motion to create the pedestrian alley back in 2008; at the time, he said that the area was illegally gated and that "the public has been denied access to the alley." (The alley was also, according to today's release, full of "pools of stagnant water" and "orphaned dumpsters.") Selma is also set to get a pedestrian alley on the other side of Cahuenga, to go along with the Dream Hollywood hotel project. [Curbed Staff]