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In the San Gabriel Valley: a $78.8 Million House With Underground Firing Range and 15-Person Jacuzzi

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Updated 3:01 pm: more ridiculous photos added!

Back in 2010, Bradbury's 91008 zip code topped Forbes's list of Most Expensive Zip Codes. The "honor" was basically a case of bad statistics--the Forbes list is based on asking prices, not sale prices, and tiny, wealthy little Bradbury only had 12 houses on the market when the list was released. In 2011, the zip didn't even make the top 200. Well, start clearing a space again, Forbes, because just yesterday a house in Bradbury was listed for $78.8 million. To repeat: $78.8 million. The 1985 house sits on eight acres and has lately been "Magnificently realized after more than 8 years of construction by consummate craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail, using the finest materials cultivated from around the world." The main house is 32,000 square feet; the property also has a pool (update: a cross-shaped pool!), a 15-person jacuzzi (hey-o!), a pool house, a guesthouse, a 10-car garage, a 3D movie theater, a 2,000 bottle wine cellar, a poker lounge (!?), a temperature-controlled trout pond with a two-story waterfall, a subterranean firing range, and of course an oak-paneled elevator. Ok, well now that we list it all out like that, $78.8 million seems pretty reasonable.
· 172 Bliss Canyon Road []